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5 Steps to Better Phrasing and Cooler Guitar Solos

From Assimilation to Application

Hopefully you can see that it’s not enough to just develop your technique and learn a bunch of licks. Whether you want to form a band or create your own CD or even just play for your own enjoyment, investing time into finding ways to implement what you have learned is the key to your success. So, how can you begin applying the licks, scales and techniques you have been working so hard on and start creating cooler solos with better phrasing now? Here are 5 action steps you can take immediately:

Information overload!
I think this idea of a guitar workout has kind of been lost over the years, and I think it is partly because there is SO MUCH information out there right now. Think about it, with unlimited resources at your fingertips how are you ever going to be able to dial that information down into any kind of organized practice routine? You’ve got free lessons on Youtube (including yours truly), online lessons from many courses and players (again, guilty as charged), and access to virtually anything you want to learn on guitar with one click of the mouse. Having all of this so readily available is a great advancement in some ways but, unfortunately, there is a downside….