Taking Inspiration Part 3- Jimi Hendrix Double Stops

In part 3 of this series on "Taking Inspiration" we are taking a look at Jimi Hendrix's use of those super cool sliding double stops! Although Jimi was known for his over the top stage persona, his playing often was deep and thoughtful, especially when it came to his rhythm and lead combination style, as heard in tunes like "Little Wing", "Bold As Love" and "Castles Made Of Sand." Let's try and get some of that magic mojo into our own playing.

Taking Inspiration Part 2--John Sykes Vibrato

In this second installment of "Taking Inspiration" we are taking a look at the legendary slow and wide vibrato of John Sykes. 

John is one of the all time guitar greats and he can do it all. But one of the things that really makes him stand out is his emotive, passionate vibrato style. To hear this from the man himself check out the solo in the Whitesnake ballad "Is This Love" as well as the Blue Murder track "Out Of Love."

Taking Inspiration Part One

I want to talk to you about a concept I call “taking inspiration.”

What this means for our purposes is to find one or two (or three) things that really inspire you about another guitar player and “take” that inspiration as a springboard for your own creativity.