Lightning Legato Licks

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Lightning Legato Licks is here! 

These licks are meant to burn! Speed adds intensity and variety to your playing and is a very important tool to have in your soloing tool box. These 20 licks will challenge your overall technique and improve your legato technique immensely. 

    But it's not all about speed in this course, far from it. Regardless of speed it's important to have something to "say" when playing fast. In Lightning Legato Licks you'll learn many new ways to connect scale sequences and patterns all over the neck and combine these scales with bending, vibrato, cromatics, and killer note choice. 

    You'll also learn about important phrasing concepts like "even" versus "floating" rhythm and how to use both, sometimes within the same lick.

    If you are tired of the same old hammer on and pull off licks and exercises this is the course for you! 


    The Big Benefits For You

    By studying this course you will learn the secrets great legato playing.

    You will learn how to:

    • Visualize and combine scale patterns for speed and fluidity like a master soloist.
    • Use "floating" rhythms in your licks to create sounds reminiscent of Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen and others.
    • Create amazing legato licks with endless variations at will!
    • Improve your ability to use various legato sequences on command and never run out of ideas! 
    • Experience the freedom of playing complex legato runs using various rhythmic and harmonic approaches of your choosing. 
    • Take Command of the fretboard with confidence and conviction, knowing you can shift gears from slow to blazing fast runs at any moment. 
    • Have Fun while practicing! These licks will inspire you so that you'll be looking forward to each practice session, and you'll notice your overall speed and fluidity improving steadily in the process.

     Who This Course Is Perfect For

    • Players who want more exciting things to practice when it comes to developing legato skills. No more boring licks!
    • Rock and metal players who love the legato style of players like Richie Kotzen, Van Halen, George Lynch, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.
    • Guitarists who want to add speed, fire and melody to their playing! 
    • All guitarists who want to develop their legato chops and take command of the fretboard with new, exciting ideas!
    • All players who want to learn new sequences and ways to connect scale patterns into endless licks!
    • Intermediate to advanced level guitarists who want to push their legato technique to the next level with challenging licks and concepts.
    • Advancing players looking for some new inspiration! 

    What You Get

    • HD Video instruction and demonstrations!
    • A detailed and clear TAB PDF guide so you can learn every lick and nuance!
    • 20 electrifying licks!
    • A Killer jam track plus two highly useful "drone" tracks to practice over.
    • Expert tips, tricks and practice strategies to get the most out of this material.
    • Scale diagrams and a "Survival Guide" for getting the most out of the course!
    • Guitar Pro 7 files for each lick.
    • No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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