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Modes For The Rock Guitarist is here! If you've ever wanted to know how modes work, or if you've learned the modes but still aren't sure how to use them, this course is for you! The modes are a source of frustration and confusion for many guitarists, but they don't need to be that way. Modes can and should be fun and exciting!  

My approach with Modes For The Rock Guitarist was to keep it simple, applicable and inspiring. Yes, there is some essential theory to wrap your mind around, but it's really not hard to absorb given a little time and work. Also, as a rock and metal guitarist myself I wanted to stay focused on material that is essential for those styles and not go into jazz or other styles that might confuse things. However, this material applies to all styles, so no matter if you are into thrash metal, 80's hard rock, blues rock, pop rock or even country music, Modes For The Rock Guitarist has you covered. 


The Big Benefits For You

By studying this course you will solve the mystery of the modes and learn how modes can greatly impact your creativity and musicianship.

You will also:

  • Be able to hear and feel the MOODS of the modes and learn how to create those moods yourself. 
  • Understand the essential theory behind the modes and make big gains in your knowledge of music theory AND how to apply it.
  • Be able to solo and improvise using any mode confidently.
  • Understand how modal chord progressions are created and how to make your own!
  • Learn how and when to change your licks to fit the various modes. 
  • Understand 'must know' concepts like parent scales, relative and parallel modes and how to work in pentatonic scales with your modal licks. 
  • Learn how to apply modes over various grooves, from heavy metal Phrygian, to funk rock Dorian, to ethereal Lydian, melancholy Aeolian, triumphant Ionian, the blues based southern rock of Mixolydian and the eerie Locrian mode, it's all here! 

 Who This Course Is Perfect For

  • Any guitarist who wants to understand and apply the modes.
  • Rock and metal players who want to broaden their soloing and songwriting toolbox to include the expressive modes.
  • Guitarists who want to learn how to create amazing sounding modal chord progressions. 
  • All guitarists who want to develop their music theory knowledge and musicianship to a higher level.
  • All players who want to understand how to create modal licks and solos.
  • Guitarists who are tired of the same old boring tonalities and want to explore the modes used by great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Santana, Michael Schenker, the Scorpions, the Beatles and many more! 
  • Intermediate to advanced level guitarists who want to push their knowledge and chops to a higher level by mastering the licks in this course and exploring the fretboard in many different keys and modes.
  • Players who want to learn how to transform ordinary licks into exotic modal powerhouses! 
  • Any guitarists who want a simple way to finally understand what your favorite players are doing with modes.

What You Get

  • HD Video instruction and demonstrations of all modes, licks and jam tracks, plus sections on theory and application.
  • Detailed and clear PDF guides to supplement your learning. 
  • 7 Modal Jam Tracks 
  • 35 modal licks, from simple to absolutely ripping!
  • 12 Extended Drone tracks and a Modal scale glossary so that you can explore all modes in all keys easily and efficiently.
  • Guitar Pro 7 and PDF TAB files for each lick and jam track.
  • Helpful practice tips and coaching to absorb and apply all the information.
  • No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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