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Do you know a lot of arpeggios, scales and licks but feel really insecure about how to actually use them?
Have you been practicing sweep picking forever but still aren't sure how to apply it fluently when you play?
If you said yes to either of these questions Sweep Picking Sorcery will help to eliminate both of these problems and significantly raise the level of your sweep picking technique along the way.


Hi, my name is Nick and I want to warmly welcome you to Sweep Picking Sorcery. When I first began to learn sweep picking it was the mid-1980's and Yngwie (J.) Malmsteen had come on the guitar scene with a whole new classically based vocabulary, and he played licks that sounded more like violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini than any guitarist we had heard before.  Something that baffled me was how Yngwie played these incredibly fast and fluid arpeggios that sounded like liquid fire! I came to find out the technique being used to play these arpeggios was called sweep picking and I began my quest to learn and conquer the technique so I could play like my heroes. 


I can finally sweep, but now what??

After many months in the woodshed my sweeping skills had gotten pretty good, but now I had a new problem; I couldn't figure out how to actually use and apply the skills I had developed. Sure, I could play my sweeping arpeggio exercises pretty well, but they just sounded like uninspired exercises when I tried playing them over my favorite songs. What was I missing?


"We only get good at what we practice.”

What I needed was a practice system of applying my vocabulary of sweep picking ideas, shapes and patterns to real music. And I needed some fresh inspiration so I could break out of my worn out licks that I'd been rehashing for ages. Well, I never did find a practice system like that, so I did what any pimple faced wanna be shredder would do: I created my own system! In all seriousness, I did create my own way, but it took a long time. The good news for you is that it doesn't have to take you that long.
After teaching and playing professionally for many years, I kept seeing the same struggles for many players when it came to sweep picking, so I finally decided to do something about it. The result is my new course you are looking at now, Sweep Picking Sorcery.

This is the course I wish I would have had when I was struggling to apply my skills. The truth is that there are many methods and lessons out there that can teach you how to sweep, but virtually none that show you ways to apply sweeping to your own playing, in a step by step way, with inspiring licks, jam tracks and invaluable tips that I have learned over the years and applied myself in my own playing.

In fact, I use these same methods with my private students, and I've actually applied the results of using these methods myself, with my bands Q5, FireWolfe and in my solo material. I'm very excited to offer you this course now because I really believe it's going to help you, and bring you years of joy in your playing, as you begin to feel the excitement and freedom of effortlessly sweeping and making music with your new skills!


Who This Course Is Perfect For

  • Shredders who need help sweep picking more melodically.
  • All players who want to learn how to apply sweep picking intelligently and creatively to real music.
  • Intermediate to advanced guitarists who want to add more sizzle to their playing with new arpeggio and sweeping ideas.
  • Players who want a proven practice system for applying sweep picking that yields amazing results quickly.
  • Guitarists who need help with the theory side of applying arpeggios and scales to music; real-world application.  
  • Players looking for creative new ways to play exciting guitar solos, express themselves more fully, and become an expert at sweep picking in the process.
  • Fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Richie Kotzen, Alex Skolnick and Jason Becker (lots of great arpeggio ideas inspired by these masters). 
  • Fans of neoclassical metal, 80's hard rock and funk/classic rock.
  • Players of all levels who want to learn how to seamlessly combine sweep picking with other techniques such as legato and alternate picking.
  • Guitarists who want to learn how to apply arpeggios freely in any key using multiple shapes and picking patterns.
  • Those players who are tired of sweeping straight up and down arpeggios and want to learn more about how to sequence and connect various arpeggios in interesting new ways. 
  • Neoclassical players who want to broaden their horizons and learn to apply 7th and extended range arpeggios.
  • Guitarists interested in applying sweep picking in less obvious ways, such as using the Mixolydian mode as a basis for creating funky sweep picking lines and phrases. 


What You Get

  • An 86 page PDF ebook!
  • Over 45 killer sweep picking licks ranging from easy to shredding!
  • All licks applied to real music and demonstrated at normal and slow speeds with audio and video.
  • 3 rocking jam tracks in different styles including 80's MetalNeo-classical harmonic minor and Funk/Classic Rock.
  • Detailed instructions on how to apply the material including a 6-week practice plan.
  • The Sorcerers Toolbox: A complete guide to the theory, arpeggio and scale patterns for each jam track.  
  • Guitar Pro files for all licks.
  • Sweep picking soloing concepts like superimposing arpeggios, combining sweeping with blues and diatonic scales, playing over chord progressions, and much more!
  • Licks in the styles of the greats! Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Richie Kotzen, Alex Skolnick, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, etc.
  • Tips for creating your own killer licks!
  • All media files download directly via links in PDF.
  • A Full 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

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